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How to tell Text To Speech component to stop!

Finally an online course that helps you to gain full control over App Inventors Text-To-Speech component is now live!!

No! you need to have good understanding of App Inventor before you can take this. At least an intermediate level user is suitable. 

MIT App Inventor 2, Thunkable classic, Kodular and similar websites

Yes! pay only once and use it whenever you want. 

Limited time offer ₹1400

What will you get by enrolling to this course?

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You will Stop losing users due to uncontrollable Text Reader

Just imagine how annoying your app user may feel when he is unable to Pause or Stop the Text-To-Speech component. It feels as if you are forcing him to wait until the entire text is spoken. 

As a result, the user will uninstall your app and leave a bad review.

This course will help you to design a Text reader which will pause, stop, resume and play. So, Buy it Now and avoid the risk of loosing customers.

Limited time offer ₹1400

The Text-To-Speech component will DO MORE than just Speaking The Message!

The TTS component can just speak the message but, you also want it to Pause, Resume and Stop. 

After watching the course, you will add those functions by using other blocks of  App Inventor 2. So, Buy it Now and find out How to add those features.

Limited time offer ₹1400

It takes less time than watching a movie

Were you expecting that you need to spend days to solve this problem? 

NO! you just need 1 Hour to complete this course and some extra time to practice. 

Limited time offer ₹1400

Useful for your next 1000+ projects

Text Reader is a very important feature. Many popular brands are incorporating this feature into their websites and apps. So, chances are that you may need it for numerous projects that you will work on.

Hence, this course is not just a solution rather, it is going to help you create a world class text reader for your future projects. 

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Create amazing features using Built in Blocks

Many of us don’t know the true potential of Built- In blocks. In this course you will explore the ideas on how Built in blocks will be helpful to create new features

Limited time offer ₹1400

App Inventor Text to Speech component

No need to spend for an extension

In this entire course you need not purchase any other extensions. I promise that you will just use the Built in blocks and some secret logic to add those Pause and Resume features.

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No need to worry about doubts

Don’t worry I will help you throughout this journey. 

Just comment below the lecture and I will come to your rescue as soon as possible.

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Use my Project file for FREE!

I know many of you prefer to cross check my project file (.aia file) while practicing. 

Hence, the .aia file is also available with the course.

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No need to take Notes

This course is a hands on guide and hence, you can work with your own project while, watching the videos easily.

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palm, hand, finger

One time payment​

Pay once and use it whenever you need. No recurring payments.

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Easy and secure payment with Paypal and Stripe

We use most trusted payment partners to process the course payments. Almost all cards can be used to pay us with Paypal and Stripe.  Hence, you can purchase our courses easily and comfortably.

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Why do people trust us?

We have been selling courses for more than 3 years and we have created successful courses like “How to do more with App Inventor 2” “How to use App Inventor 2″…

More than 20,000 students have enrolled to our courses on different platforms. And we have received exceptional praise from them.

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